"Our mission is to promote health and wellness especially among teens and young adults. It is our passion to make a difference in people's lives by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to make healthier lifestyle choice. By practicing the 7 Simple Steps, you will learn to "fit out," eat healthy, exercise, volunteer, improve  your sleep, be grateful, and practice sustainability. It doesn't matter your age or gender, being healthy is an achievable target that anyone can attain."

Having designed the business model for Healthy Results System, a not-for-profit, global, health and sustainability organization, Steve integrated HSE and a nutritional curriculum into the workplace. His mission was to ensure a healthy and sustainable workforce by mentoring corporate leadership with all aspects of business development, governance, and transparency.

Being the health, safety, environmental, wellness, and sustainability editor for all company communication; internally as well as externally; Steve helped mentor the Founder to create the first release of "Be Brave, Be Amazing!" which is an educational tool designed for the younger generation of today's up and coming workforce; ages 14-21.

Steve is the visionary behind this new paradigm shift in which HSE corporate compliance is integrated into employee personal health, nutrition, and sustainability. His objective is to collaboratively work to improve company performance while enhancing employee's well-being.


"Health is a vehicle, not a destination"

~Joshua Rosenthal

Steve Hemingway is a board member and executive coach for the company. Having years of experience with the management of global health, safety and environmental solutions, Steve recognized that employees are a company's most valued asset.  He created strategies to help organizations efficiently run their operation to be profitable while driving a positive culture in which the health and well-being of their employees, and the communities in which they operate, are viewed as an indispensable value.

Mission Statement